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Oracle Public Library

The Oracle Public Library, a unique all-volunteer organization, began as a reading room in 1903. Over the past century, the library has grown into a full-service community resource, with almost 2,000 feet of space, 30 volunteers, and up-to-date selections that draw readers from all over the area. Among our popular offerings are a comprehensive Southwest collection, a special compilation of books by local authors, and the Alice Carpenter archaeological archive.

The library is funded by donations and small grants, with assistance from the Pinal County Library District. Our dedicated staff of volunteers assists patrons, maintains the collection and building, and allows us to be open to the public.

Programs & Services

  • Alice Carpenter Artifacts Collection
  • Book Club
  • Community Bulletin Board
  • Computer Classes
  • Children's Summer Reading Program
  • Fax and Copier
  • Large Print Collection
  • Public PCs
  • Proctor Exams
  • Southwest Room
  • Used Book Sales Twice Yearly
  • Website for Collectible Books
  • Public Wi-Fi

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