What work is eligible under the program?

Rehabilitation Includes:

  • The repair of unsafe, hazardous living conditions on an existing housing structure.
  • The rebuilding, on the same lot, of housing that is standing on a site at the time of project commitment.
  • The rebuilding of housing that was destroyed by a disaster on the same lot if HOME funds are committed within 12 months of the date of destruction.
  • Replacement of an existing substandard unit of manufactured housing with a new standard unit of manufactured housing.
  • The number of housing units on the lot may not be decreased or increased as part of a rehabilitation project, but the number of rooms per unit may be increased or decreased.

Property Standards:

  • When using HOME funds for rehabilitation, the entire property must be brought up to the county or city's housing code and meet Pinal County's Rehabilitation Standard at the completion of the project.
  • A preliminary property inspection will be completed to identify deficiencies that must be addressed to bring the entire property up to code.
  • Standalone programs such as weatherization, emergency repairs, or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations may be included with rehabilitation when they are undertaken in conjunction with overall rehabilitation of the housing unit.

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1. What is the owner occupied housing rehabilitation program?
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