What is on the written exam?

The written exam consists of two parts: an essay and 100 multiple choice questions. Candidates must achieve a 70% combined score to pass. Thirty minutes is allotted to the essay and 2 hours for the multiple choice. The multiple choice questions are broken into two main sections. The first section tests your ability to read, comprehend, and recall information. You are given an information packet to study for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, you will be asked 50 questions regarding the information in the packet. You will not be allowed to refer back to the packet. The second section of the test assesses your ability to reason and solve problems using judgment and logic.

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1. How do I apply for a position with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office?
2. What are the required qualifications for Deputy recruits?
3. What are the required qualifications for an out of state applicant wanting to apply for Deputy Sheriff/Reserve Deputy?
4. What are the required qualifications for Lateral Deputy?
5. Are there any automatic disqualifiers?
6. What is on the written exam?
7. What are the requirements for the physical assessment exam?
8. The physical assessment doesn't seem too difficult. Do I need to be in shape?
9. What happens if I fail the written or the physical assessment exam?
10. Do lateral (out-of-state) applicants have to go through the academy again?
11. I only want to be in a specialty position assignment (i.e. Detective, SWAT, K9 etc). Do I have be a patrol officer first?
12. Is the deputy academy a "live in" academy? Do I need to pay for it?
13. How long does the hiring process take?
14. Is there a maximum age limit?
15. How does the process work for out-of-state applicants?
16. When does the academy start?
17. I meet all but one of the listed minimum requirements. Does Pinal County Sheriff’s Office allow any latitude to the requirements?
18. Does the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office offer transition assistance?
19. I am in the military. Should I apply now? I am in college. Should I apply now?
20. If I have a background investigation done with another agency, or have a top secret clearance in the military, will Pinal County Sheriff’s Office still do a background check?