What is the testing process for Detention Officer?

The testing process includes a written exam, oral board interview, background investigations, fingerprints, psychological exam, and a medical exam which includes urine analysis testing.

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1. How do I order a police report?
2. Where do I register as a sex offender?
3. How do I obtain alarm permit forms or contact the Alarm Unit?
4. Can alarm fees be waived?
5. How do I file a complaint?
6. How do I retrieve my impounded vehicle?
7. What happens to narcotics after they have been seized by officers?
8. Someone I know was just arrested. Who do I call to find out where they were taken?
9. How do I get crime statistics?
10. What documents do I need to attend a Vehicle Impound Hearing?
11. I want to know if someone has been served an order of protection I filed. Who do I call?
12. I need to be fingerprinted for a job or for adoption, foster care; does the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office do public fingerprinting?
13. How do I request copies of photos?
14. How do I research sex offenders living in my community?
15. How do I get bond info or visitation?
16. Where do I get info on court dates or location?
17. I am the victim of internet fraud. How do I make a complaint?
18. How do I find employment opportunities?
19. I loaned my personal property to someone and they are refusing to return it. Who do I call?
20. How do I volunteer at Pinal County Sheriff's Office and what are the types of volunteer opportunities?
21. I think a loved one might be using methamphetamine. What signs do I look for? Who call I call?
22. How do I report the activity of illegal aliens / smuggling?
23. I wish to obtain a burn permit. What steps do I take?
24. How do I find out the status of my case? How do I give additional information on my case?
25. I would like to file a complaint on a Pinal County Sheriff’s Office employee. How do I do that?
26. How do I apply for the position of Reserve Deputy Sheriff?
27. The Sheriff’s Office took my property during an arrest; how do I get it back?
28. I have a court order for the release of my property; how do I make arrangements to pick up my property?
29. My vehicle was towed last night. Does the Sheriff's Office have it?
30. How do I pick up my vehicle from Sheriff's Office and is there a charge?
31. If my insurance company paid my claim and the property is recovered can I have it back?
32. What types of activity should I report?
33. Why does the operator keep asking me questions? If they just sent the police, they would find out all they need to know.
34. Why do they send the police even when I called back and told them everything was okay?
35. When I call the Communications Department, why do I get someone different every time?
36. Why won’t they let me talk to a deputy when I call in?
37. Do I have a warrant?
38. I’ve missed some payments on my court ordered fine and I probably have a warrant; how do I take care of it without being arrested?
39. I am currently receiving Social Security supplements or Veterans Benefits and
40. I know a certain person has a warrant for his/her arrest and I know where they can be found. What do I do?
41. My relative or friend is in your custody on a warrant out of another county or state, when are they going to be transferred to the other agency?
42. How do I apply for a posted position with Pinal County Sheriff’s Office?
43. What is the testing process for a Deputy Cadet?
44. What is the testing process for Detention Officer?
45. What forms do I need to complete prior to my interview with the Background Investigator?
46. What are Sheriff's Office's Human Resources hours of operation?
47. How do I contact the Sheriff's Office's Human Resources Department?
48. How do I obtain information on the Correctional Officer Retirement Plan System (CORPS)?
49. How do I obtain information on the Public Safety Retirement System (PSRS)?
50. How do I obtain information on the Arizona State Retirement for civilians/non-officers?
51. How long is the probationary period for new employees?
52. How do I obtain information about compensation and benefits?
53. What is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
54. How do I contact Pinal County’s insurance carrier?
55. Where can I obtain Flexible Spending Account information and forms?
56. How can I send an anonymous tip to the Narcotics Task Force?
57. Where can I find the Pinal County Noise Ordinance?
58. How do I reach a specific part of the Detention Center?
59. What do I do when I see an emergency vehicle running code (lights and siren) behind me?
60. How do I order an accident report?
61. How to recognize a Sheriff's Office Deputy for a job well done?