How long do I need to wait after service?

After the papers are served, you must wait a certain number of days before you can file any other papers. The waiting period varies, depending on the type of service and where the other party resides. The waiting period is the time allowed for the Respondent to file a response to the Petition for Dissolution. If the Respondent does not respond within the time allowed, the case may be able to proceed by default.

After a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed, the Petitioner must serve the Respondent with a copy of the petition within 120 days. Alternatively, a Respondent may sign an Acceptance of Service form. After service of the petition, the Respondent must file a response within 20 days if he or she lives in Arizona. If the Respondent lives outside of Arizona, he or she would have 30 days to file a response.

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