How do I file the divorce papers with the Court?

After you have completed the petition and other documents based upon whether your case is with children or without children, you will need to file the paperwork with the Clerk of Court at one of the following locations:

  • 971 N Jason Lopez Circle
    Florence, AZ 85132
  • 575 N Idaho Road
    Suite 109
    Apache Junction, AZ 85119
  • 820 E Cottonwood Lane
    Building B
    Casa Grande, AZ 85122

There is a fee when you file for divorce.

After you have filed your court papers with the Clerk of the Court, you must serve the papers on the other party. "Service" means that you deliver the papers to the other party through a registered process server or a law enforcement officer or by having the other party sign a document to accept service. There are specific rules about how to serve the other party that must be followed. (FLRP 40 and 41)

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