What should I take with me to the default hearing?

If a default hearing is set for you, you must completely fill out the paperwork and take your final divorce papers with you to your hearing. Your final divorce paper is called a Decree of Dissolution.

The relief that you asked for in your Petition for Dissolution must be the same as in the Decree of Dissolution. You will also need other documents listed below.

Bring to following papers to your default hearing:

  • Dissolution/Legal Separation/Annulment
    • Completed Decree of Dissolution, Legal Separation or Order of Annulment
  • If you have requested Spousal Maintenance:
    • Order of Assignment
  • If your case involves children:
    • Parent Information Program Certificate if it has not already been filed
    • Signed Parenting Plan and 2 copies
    • Completed Child Support Worksheet and 2 copies
    • Order of Assignment and 2 copies
    • Completed Judgment Data Sheet
    • Wage information/pay stubs for both parties, and other financial information such as childcare costs, medical insurance premiums etc.
    • 9- by 12-inch envelope addressed to the other party with 3 standard current postage stamps
    • Copy of any prior Child Support Orders
    • Birth certificate for the children if born prior to the marriage

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