Where do I file a petition for an order of protection?

A petition may be filed in any of the Justice Courts, Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

In Person / By Phone

The petition should be filed in Superior Court if you are involved in a pending legal action related to divorce, legal separation, paternity, child support, custody, or visitation. To begin, contact any of the courts in the county:

After 5 pm on weekdays, or at any time on a weekend or holiday, an emergency order of protection can be requested by contacting any law enforcement agency. In case of an emergency, call 911.


The protective order petition is accepted in all Arizona Courts. You will be asked to complete the petition online when you arrive at the court of your choice. To expedite the process, you can start your petition by visiting AZPoint. Through an interactive portal, you can quickly and accurately fill out the forms that are needed to request an Order of Protection at any Arizona Court. You will need a personal email address in order to complete the process. Once you have filled out the petition, you will receive an email with a confirmation code. Please bring that code with you when you go to the court.

It is imperative that you are aware if the Judge grants your petition, the order will be sent to law enforcement to be served immediately. You are able to request a 72-hour hold on service should you need to. If you are not prepared to have the order served please discuss your options with the court clerk when you arrive at the court or via phone interaction. To assist you with a Safety Plan, please also visit AZPoint.

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