What types of activities fall under the noise ordinance?

There are several activities in which noise levels are regulated. These activities are Land Use, Vehicles, Radios and Sound, and Construction and Other Projects. There are also items that are exempt from the ordinance. For complete information, refer to the attached copy of the ordinance.

Land Use

(See ordinance for time and noise level restrictions.) This refers to the normal use of land. Noise limits are set by time and zoning of the land. Zoning includes residential, commercial, industrial and rural. Note: activities necessary to life in an area will result in action unless performed at unreasonable hours. This includes lawnmowers, leaf blowers and other such activities. Noise levels vary from 55 to 70 decibels A (dBA).

Vehicle Noise

(See ordinance for time and noise level restrictions.) This section limits the noise of motor vehicles (including motorcycles, trucks, cars, etc) during operation or repair. Noise levels vary from 82 to 90 dBA and are based on noise levels up to 50 feet from the center of the street. Vehicle repair is restricted during the nighttime hours. Mufflers must be in good repair and not exceed noise levels.

Radios & Sound Sets

This limits owners or managers (such as a business) from operating a radio, instrument or other means of receiving sound to noise levels that cannot be heard beyond 125 feet from the property line or vehicle where the sound is produced. 

Construction & Other Projects

(See ordinance for time and noise level restrictions.) This regulates the times during which construction can be performed. There are two seasons during which the times are regulated. The first is from April 15 to October 15. The second is from October 15 until April 15. There are also restrictions for weekends and holidays. The restrictions, dates and times are based on the zoning of the construction performed. Permits can be obtained to allow for construction activities during restricted days and times.


Also listed in the ordinance are noises and activities that are exempt from restrictions. These include landscape equipment, crowd noises, emergency vehicles, bands at churches, aircraft and trains, and other activities. (See ordinance for a complete list of exemptions.) Penalties for violation of this ordinance are documented. See the ordinance for civil penalties listed.

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