Human Resources


31 N Pinal Street
Building A
Florence, AZ 85132

P.O. Box 1590
Florence, AZ 85132



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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Sheppard, MaryEllen Interim Director      
Campbell , Colleen Division Manager & Interim Deputy Director 520-866-6279  
Farr, Jennifer Administrative Manager 520-866-6332  
Mannhalter, Barbara (Onboarding/HR Ops) HR Tech 520-866-6598  
Howard, Sandra (Onboarding/HR Ops) HR Tech 520-866-6028  
Millea, Krishna (Talent Acquistion) HR Analyst 520-866-6238  
Verdugo, Kimberlee (Class & Compensation) Sr HR Analyst 520-866-6251  
Ayer, Anisa (Public Works/Comm Dev/OEM) Sr HR Analyst 520-866-6594  
Obregon, Courtney (Class & Compensation) HR Analyst 520-866-6399  
Watkins, Danielle Benefits and Wellbeing Division Manager 520-866-6231 Ext. 6512
Olmeda, Annamaria (Ben, Life Events, Retire) Sr HR Analyst 520-866-6245  
Stroud, Jessica (COVID, ADA, Mod Duty) Sr HR Analyst 520-866-6487  
Denowh, Paige (FMLA, Initial Workers Com) HR Analyst 520-866-6206  
Somdahl , Deborah Risk and Safety Division Manager 520-866-6532  
Brannon, Jerika Risk Specialist 520-866-6236  
Dingman, Steven Safety Coordinator 520-866-6396  
Rios, Yamilex (Onboarding/HR Ops) HR Tech 520-866-6214  
Terribile, Diane Division Manager - Employee Relations 520-866-6258  
Freeland, Michelle (Onboarding/HR Ops) HR Tech 520-866-6874