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Posted on: August 4, 2023

Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund Takes Edwin Road from Unsafe to Smooth

TIMP Highlight Edwin Rd

With the help of the Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund, Pinal County was able to transform Edwin Road from a narrow dirt road to a fully paved roadway. Completed in June 2009, this project improved traffic safety by paving and widening the Slim Caliche Road and adding drainage crossing improvements. This project was a 3-way effort between Pinal County, the Robson Communities (Saddlebrooke Community), and Pima County. The alignment straddles the border between Pinal County and Pima County, and the completed roadway now provides secondary access to the Saddlebrooke Community. This project cost approximately $2.3 million, of which the County contributed approximately $784,000 from the Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund, with additional funding coming from other sources. The Edwin Road improvement is an excellent example of how the voter-approved funding is helping the citizens in the southeastern portion of Pinal County by not only providing necessary improvements resulting in safer road conditions but also convenience for residents.

EdwinBefore.1This was Edwin Road looking east at the Pima/Pinal County Line before the Road Maintenance Improvement Fund transformed it into a smooth, safe road, helping residents cross the hilly area.

EdwinBefore.2Before improvements, Edwin Road was hilly, rocky, unsafe, and difficult to cross. This was Edwin Rd looking west toward SR-77.

Edwin Road After 1Since 2009, Pinal County has been able to improve and maintain Edwin Road as a two-lane thoroughfare serving the Saddlebrooke Communities. This helps to keep up with the rapid growth of Tucson’s northern suburbs spreading into Pinal County. 

Edwin Road After 2Without the Road Maintenance and Improvement Fund, Edwin Road would still be primarily dirt, with no drainage, and subject to erosion and flooding.