Pinal County Water Management Areas

Water Management AreasIn 1980, the State of Arizona enacted the Groundwater Code in recognition of the need to aggressively manage the state's finite groundwater resources to support the growing economy. Areas with heavy reliance on mined groundwater were identified and designated as Active Management Areas (AMAs). There are five AMAs identified within the State and three of them: the Phoenix AMA, Pinal AMA, and the Tucson AMA have all or part of their jurisdictions within Pinal County.

These areas are subject to regulation pursuant to the Arizona Groundwater Code. Each AMA carries out its programs in a manner consistent with these goals while considering and incorporating the unique character of each AMA and its water users. In the Phoenix, Prescott, and Tucson AMAs, the primary management goal is safe-yield by the year 2025. Safe-yield is accomplished when no more groundwater is being withdrawn than is being annually replaced.

For more information, please visit the Arizona Department of Water Resources, then go to "Search" and type in AMA

Pinal County Water Management Areas (PDF)