Business Retention & Expansion

Locally owned businesses usually have a long-term commitment to their community. They relate to their community's lifestyle, and they have a vested interest in their community's quality of life. They are there because they want to be.

Equally important, existing businesses are major contributors to the community's economy and tax base. Cumulatively, they employ the greatest numbers and, as they grow and expand, they can generate up to 80% of their community's new jobs. In economic development efforts, existing, successful business owners are precious resources. Their presence as community ambassadors also makes a very positive statement in new business recruitment.

Expansion and retention of existing companies in Pinal County are critical to the long-term economic goals established by the County and local communities. Long-term success will enable a company to possibly expand or to encourage supply chain development by creating an existing and ready market for supplier companies thus adding to the job multiplier effect within the County.

Retention objectives may include increasing demand for the products or services of local companies; increasing a company's profits through reduced operational costs; and/or expanding a company's market with increased product information dissemination.

Expansion of a firm in a community does not always equate to bricks and mortar, but often means an increase in employees, payroll, capital or an improvement in the bottom line. All of these will have a positive impact on the business atmosphere in the community. Establishing outreach activities to assist in the growth and promotion of existing companies will enhance the formula for business vitality.

Pinal County is partnering with the Arizona Commerce Authority in creating a comprehensive BR&E program through co-marketing opportunities, various State incentive programs, and national and international trade shows.

For more information on the State and County BR&E program, Please contact the Arizona Commerce Authority at 602-771-1100.