Long-Range Transportation (5 to 20 Years)

Regionally Significant Routes for Safety & Mobility (RSRSM)

A study by Pinal County (partnering with federal, state, county, local, Native American Communities, and private stakeholders) to provide a guide for the County and other stakeholders to implement, fund, and preserve right-of-ways for RSRs. The Access Management Manual provides guidance on the implementation of access management for RSRSM to Pinal County, local jurisdictions, Native American Communities, and private developers.

East / West Corridor Study

A study by Pinal County (joint sponsoring with the Cities of Casa Grande and Maricopa) to improve the mobility and connectivity of the Pinal County regional transportation networks in providing a new, high-capacity facility that can handle the projected east-west travel demand from SR-347 to I-10.

EWC Final DCR Report (PDF)

Southern Pinal County Regional Corridor (PARA) Study

A study by Pinal County (joint sponsoring with the City of Eloy and the Town of Marana) to enhance the transportation network, improve access to and from major employment centers, and facilitate freight movement, all of which will increase economic development potential. The study included evaluating multimodal transportation needs identified through an analysis of existing and future conditions.

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Small Area Transportation Study (SATS)

A study done by Pinal County that evaluated the County's transportation needs, including roadway and transit elements, to year 2025. The primary product of the study is a long-range transportation plan for all county roads, based on roadway functional classifications approved by the Federal Highway Administration (March 21, 2005), of rural minor collectors and above.

Pinal County Strategic Transportation Safety Plan

Pinal County Strategic Transportation Safety PlanCompleted in 2019, this plan represents the first Strategic Transportation Safety Plan (STSP) for Pinal County. Pinal County is a member of three regional planning agencies: Maricopa Association of Governments (MA), Central Arizona Governments (CAG) and the Sunday Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (SCMPO), with each planning agency having completed a Safety Plan (MAG - 2015, SCMPO - 2016, CA - 2017). Because of the boundary locations of the three planning agencies, portions of Pinal County are represented in each of the plans. The Pinal County STSP was developed to address the needs of the entire County in a single, cohesive, and comprehensive document. The goal of the study was to identify crash trends and safety issues, design strategies to reduce the number of crashes, and implement solutions for safer travel in the county.

Pinal County Strategic Transportation Safety Plan (PDF)