Transportation Planning

The Pinal County Transportation Planning Section works to promote sustainable growth throughout the region, and provide accessibility through the planning and development of a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system that supports the economic vitality of the area, protects the environment, facilitates efficient system management and operation, and emphasizes the preservation of the existing transportation system.

Transportation Improvement & Maintenance Program

A five-year plan that identifies funding and establishes a schedule for completion of projects within the County. See more information on the Transportation Improvement and Maintenance Program.

Long-Range Transportation Plans

Plans that establish the overall transportation framework for the region. See more information on long-range transportation plans.

Transit Study

Consists of Pinal County feasibility studies. See more information on transit studies.

Related Studies & Plans

Other studies of interest and historical study documents. See more information on related studies and plans.

Transportation Resources

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Transportation Resources - There Is Assistance for Older Adults and the General Public for Transport