Image Information

  • Our records are indexed in chronological, alphabetical order from May 23, 1980, to the current end date, beginning with Fee Number 1980-000001 / Docket 1012 Page 607
  • Document images are available from January 1, 1998, beginning with Fee Number 1998-000001, to the current date.
  • The search range for maps is from March 13, 1885, to the current end date.
  • These images are in PDF format and will contain the "unofficial copy" watermark.
  • If there is a requirement for a document or map without this watermark, please contact us.
  • For documents recorded prior to January 1, 1998, or certified copies of documents, please contact us.
  • For additional information by tax parcel number, please contact the Pinal County Assessor at 520-509-3555
  • For tax information, please contact the Pinal County Treasurer at 888-431-1311.