The Office of the Pinal County Recorder processes and maintains records and governmental information in order for the public to have access as needed for personal and/or business purposes.  The Recorder’s Office also administers the Voter Registration and Early Voting Divisions.  This includes but is not limited to the management of the voter rolls, mailing of early ballots, providing on-site in-person early voting locations, and verifying signatures on early ballot affidavits and petitions.  This office and its divisions strive to promote public confidence by providing transparency, the highest level of courtesy, efficient interactions, and excellent customer service through open communication and teamwork.

To record an instrument in Pinal County, the property or thing must be located in Pinal County, but if only personal rights are affected thereby, then the parties must reside in Pinal County.  (§A.R.S. 11-468)

The Pinal County Recorder’s Office does not provide notary services.

The Pinal County Recorder’s Offices is prohibited from:

    Giving legal advice.

    Assisting in the completion of documents and forms.

    Suggesting what types of documents to use.


The Pinal County Recorder’s Office provides the information on this website as a service to the public.  The Recorder’s Office makes no warranty or guarantee regarding the accuracy or reliability of information through the use of this website or at other sites to which it links.  The Pinal County Recorder’s Office will not be held responsible or liable for errors contained herein or for any damages in connection with the use of information from this website.  

Please be advised that the Pinal County Recorder’s Office may refer suspicious documents to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or other appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Per A.R.S. §39-161, “Presentment of false instrument for filing; classification:
A person who acknowledges, certifies, notarizes, procures, or offers to be filed, registered, or recorded in a public office in this state an instrument he knows to be false or forged, which, if genuine, could be filed, registered, or recorded under any law of this state or the United States, or in compliance with the established procedure is guilty or a class 6 felony.  As used in this section, ‘instrument’ includes a written instrument as defined in section 13-2001.”