The County Recorder keeps public records and is responsible for voter registration and early voting. The County Recorder maintains public records so the public can access public records and government information as needed for personal and/or business purposes.

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Affidavit of Property Value Form & Instructions

File an affidavit of property value.

Copy & Image Service Fee Schedule

The Pinal County Recorder will provide copies of instruments upon proper requisition.

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Elections Department

See election information, results, campaign finance reports, etc.

Recording Fee Schedule

See a list of fees associated with official document requests.

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Please be advised that the Pinal County Recorder's Office may refer suspicious documents to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or other appropriate law enforcement agency.

A.R.S. §39-161 states as follows:

"Presentment of false instrument for filing; classification:
A person who acknowledges, certifies, notarizes, procures or offers to be filed, registered or recorded in a public office in this state an instrument he knows to be false or forged, which, if genuine, could be filed, registered or recorded under any law of this state or the United States, or in compliance with established procedure is guilty of a class 6 felony. As used in this section 'instrument' includes a written instrument as defined in section 13-2001."