Flood Control District

It is the mission of the Pinal County Flood Control District to reduce the risk of flooding to life and property by managing our floodplains, regulating development, constructing and maintaining flood control infrastructure, and providing public outreach and response.

Division Description

Pinal County is the Floodplain Administrator for the entire unincorporated County, as well as for many cities within the County. The Pinal County Flood Control District works in coordination with Public Works departments throughout the County to minimize flood and erosion hazards within Pinal County.

The Flood Control District provides service to the public through:

  • Floodplain Management and Permitting
  • Drainage Review and Complaint Investigation
  • Flood and Storm Monitoring and Data Collection
  • Studies and CIP Projects
  • Public Outreach and Education
  • Stormwater Management

Flood Zone Determination

A flood zone determination is based on the most current Flood Insurance Rate Maps of Pinal County and is believed to be accurate and reliable. Request information on your flood zone.

How to Get a Floodplain Permit

Many people do not even know if they are in a floodplain, let alone know if they need a floodplain permit. We can provide any needed information.

Why You Might Need an Elevation Certificate

An elevation certificate is used to document elevation information necessary to ensure compliancy with community floodplain management regulations.

Current Floodplain Regulations

We strive to regulate safe building in flood hazard areas. Our goal is to minimize loss of life and property from flooding and adhering to provisions of the law. Learn about current floodplain regulations.

Useful Tips & Information About Flooding

The Pinal County Flood Control District offers many useful tips. We provide informative brochures and maps about flooding and the potential hazards.

List of Upcoming Flood Projects

The Flood Control District has a Five-Year Capital Improvement plan. We have various projects related to flood improvements and maintenance.

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