About Us

Department Description

The Pinal County Treasurer is the custodian of public monies, responsible for the collection and distribution of the personal and real property taxes levied by the county and various taxing entities (i.e., Political Subdivisions) including the community college, school districts, fire districts, sanitary districts, water and irrigation districts, various improvement districts, flood control districts and cities and towns.

Additional Responsibilities of the office include:

  • Providing financial services to special districts and political subdivisions within Pinal County
  • Investing county monies while maintaining liquidity to conduct business on a daily basis
  • Receipt and disbursement of public funds
  • Debt management of bond issues
  • Payment of school and county warrants
  • Offering delinquent taxes for purchase at a Tax Lien Sale in February that increases the revenue from unpaid delinquent taxes
  • Overseeing the process of deeding property to the State of Arizona for parcels with five years of delinquent taxes


The Pinal County Treasurer's Office is dedicated to providing easily accessible tax information and resources to better help taxpayers understand the collection, distribution, and billing process.


Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service to the taxpayers of Pinal County both online and in person. The Treasurer's office works with all taxing authorities in a collaborative environment to better serve our community in the collection, distribution, and investment of revenues.