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The Library District takes a leadership role by training staff members of affiliate libraries in the use of all resources and participates in public policy discussions influencing these resources. We provide assistance in the form of materials, current technologies, and professional services to all public libraries in Pinal County, so that member libraries may better serve county residents with readily accessible recreational and informational materials and other related programs and projects.

We are committed to change, always looking toward ways to strengthen each member's ability to benefit from belonging to the Library District. Assistance to affiliate libraries in meeting their goals creatively and affordably is a top priority. We celebrate the value that libraries bring to their communities, and work collaboratively to support them and improve their ability to serve county residents.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pinal County Library District is to provide information access and support services to County residents so they can fulfill their informational, educational, and recreational needs, and to affiliate libraries, so they can experience an enhanced ability to provide library services.

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Please be aware that policies and procedures are set by individual libraries and may vary from location to location.

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