Renew Tax Exemption

Requalifying (Renewing) Your Property Tax Exemption

In order to reduce the amount of paperwork required from you, we have changed to a three-year cycle to verify your property tax exemption. You are required to review your financial situation to see if you still qualify for your exemption (ARS 42-11111 H) but you are no longer required to automatically reapply with our office every year.

If you still meet the guidelines for your exemption, there is no need to contact us this year. We will automatically extend your exemption. If your situation has changed and you no longer qualify or you have any questions, please contact our office at 520-866-6361.

We will still be processing and providing Automotive Slip calculations as requested. If you would like an updated Automotive Slip for 2023, please contact us at 520-866-6361.

We will be mailing out renewal applications in 2025 and we will ask for you to verify your eligibility at that time. We realize there will be a transition period for everyone involved with this change but going to a three-year cycle will save the public and our office the cost of processing and mailing the paperwork in the off years.