Open Space & Trails Advisory Commission


  • Authority: A.R.S. 11-934D
  • Membership: Ten Members who shall be residents of the county or business and/or property owners within the county. Two members shall be appointed, at large, by each supervisor
  • Term of Office: Four Years
  • Powers: The Open Space and Trails Commission shall act as a recommending body to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors on:
    • Implementation of the Pinal County Open Space and Trails Master Plan and/or Chapter 6 (Open Spaces and Places) of the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan
    • Long-range policies and procedures related to development and maintenance are necessary to assure maximum public benefit of open space, trails, and parks within Pinal County
    • The financial plans for operation and development programs include but are not limited to the annual department budget, capital improvement plans, and fees and charges


District 1

  • Nina Ruiz
  • Mark Seidel - Term Expires April 2026

District 2

  • Ernie Feliz - Term Expires April 2024
  • Mark Walker - Term Expires April 2026

District 3

  • Mary Johnson - Term Expires April 2024
  • Mary Sue Beers - Term Expires April 2026

District 4

  • Josh Bowman - Term Expires April 2024
  • Dan Frank  - Term Expires April 2026

District 5

  • Kim Grady - Term Expires April 2026
  • Charles Goff - Term Expires April 2024


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