Fees & Deposits

Animal Disposal-owned$25
Cat Trap Fee (Non-refundable), 1 week$35
Daily Maintenance Fee -dog/cat  $20
Daily Maintenance Fee - dog/cat, Aggressive/Quarantine$25
Disposal Fee for euthanasia$15
Euthanasia - Current exam from a veterinarian recommending euthanasia required prior to scheduling appointment: List of local and low-cost veterinary clinics. Referral can obtained by any veterinarian.$125
Education Course  -In lieu of fee for citation$50
Fines for Civil Violations per offense for first offense$100 to $250
Fines for civil violations per offense for each second or subsequent offense(s) committed within 36 months$300 to $500
Impound Fee - If dog is licensed$15
Impound Fee - if dog is unlicensed$35
Impound fee for feline - owned$65
Impound Fee for feline - (stray/feral)$20
Impound Fee second offense - unaltered within same 12-month period$100
Impound Third Offense - within same 12-month period$150
Kennel Permit processing fee - Class I (5 to 7)$150
Kennel Permit processing fee - Class I (all altered) (5 to 7)$75
Kennel Permit processing fee - Class II (8 to 12)$150
Kennel Permit processing fee - Class II (8 to 12) all altered$75
Kennel Permit processing fee Class III$200
Kennel Permit Class VI$500
Kennel Permit Late Fee$50
Kennel permit Re-Inspection Fee (first time fail)$100
License - Any licensing service, please visit pinal.docupet.com.
Microchip Implant$20
Recovery Fee for Impounded animal$50 up to $150
Surrender Owned (Including Cats) - Unaltered$100 per animal
Surrender Owned - Proof of Alter (Must have documentation). Animals adopted from Pinal County Animal Care and Control (PCACC) are full surrender fee in accordance with the signed adoption contract and not a $25 surrender fee. This fee is only for animals not altered by PCACC.$25 per animal with verification
Surrender Owned in Field$100