Current Rulemaking Proposal


The Rulemaking Process

The rulemaking process is designed to ensure that the:

  • Public is informed of proposed rules before they take effect;
  • Public can comment on the proposed rules and provide additional information;
  • Public can access the rulemaking record and analyze the data and analysis behind a proposed rule;
  • Agency responds to the public’s comments;
  • Agency creates a permanent record

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Once the proposed rule is developed, PCAQCD will post the proposed rulemaking online (on this webpage). PCAQCD will also publish notice of the proposed rulemaking in the local newspaper.

Public Comment

Once a proposed rule is posted online, a public comment period begins, allowing the public to submit written comments to PCAQCD. The public comment period is at least 30 days from the date of the posting of the proposed rulemaking online.

Formal Stakeholder Meetings

During the comment period, PCAQCD will schedule stakeholder meetings to discuss the rule and accept formal comments.

Oral Proceeding

Oral proceedings are held for the purpose of providing the public with an opportunity to make oral presentations concerning proposed new rules and/or amendments to rules or repeal of rules. The comment period ends at close of business of the oral proceeding day. All comments made, either verbally or in writing, during the oral proceeding or during the comment period are considered formal comments.

Board of Supervisor (BOS) Hearing

At the hearing, PCAQCD submits a rule package to the board for approval. The rulemaking package includes the proposed rule, public comments, PCAQCD’s response to comments, and reasons for any changes to the proposed rule. The BOS hearing is open to the public. During the hearing, PCAQCD presents the rule package and the board allows for public questions, oral presentations of arguments, data and views on the proposed rule. After adoption by the BOS the rule will become effective on the date of adoption, unless the board specifies a later date.

Notice of Final Rulemaking

After the BOS approves the rule, PCAQCD will post the notice of final rulemaking online.

Becoming a Stakeholder Participant

Stakeholder Definition: A person or group having an interest in the rulemaking process.

In order to exercise your right to comment, you must first know what rules are being developed, when the stakeholders are meeting, when the proposed rule comment period begins, and many other details of the rulemaking process.

To keep updated on this type of information, there are a number of ways to learn what is going on with regulatory development within PCAQCD. You may check your local newspaper legal notices for announcements with regards to PCAQCD’s proposed rules and permits. These notices will indicate the comment period, location of any public meetings, and PCAQCD’s specific contact for additional information. You may also sign up for rulemaking stakeholder notices at Sign up here. You may also contact PCAQCD directly and ask to be included as a stakeholder for any and all rulemakings (please provide an email and/or phone number where you'd like to be contacted about future rulemakings and public notices). Comments are accepted through U.S. mail, fax, or e-mail.

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