Board of Supervisors

Kevin Cavanaugh Staff 300x375Kevin Cavanaugh
Pinal County
Supervisor - District 1
Staff Directory Staff 300x375 Mike Goodman
Pinal County
Supervisor - District 2
Staff Directory Staff 300x375   #1Stephen Q. Miller
Pinal County
Supervisor - District 3
Staff Directory Staff 300x375   #2Jeffrey McClure
Pinal County
Supervisor - District 4 Vice-Chairman
Jeff Serdy  Staff 300x375 Jeff Serdy
Pinal County
Supervisor - District 5 


9:30 am
Selected Wednesdays

Meeting Schedule
Board of Supervisors Hearing Room
Administrative Complex
135 North Pinal Street
Florence, AZ 85132

What does the Board of Supervisors Do?

Every year, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, as required by law, crafts a budget providing revenue for individual departments and elected offices. One of the primary jobs of the Board is to establish the county property tax rate and the budget for the coming year.

This budget provides the necessary finances to meet estimated expenditures. By state law, once the budget is approved, the county is bound to remain within its budget for that year. The Board of Supervisors also has the authority to fill vacancies in the county and legislative offices, other boards and commissions, pass resolutions, and enact ordinances and regulations as authorized by state law.

Because only the Board has the authority to decide certain issues, such as zoning changes, resolutions, and ordinances, these subjects constitute the remainder of the Board's responsibilities during the year.

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