Public Records Request

Pinal County complies with the provisions of Title 39 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, also known as the Public Records Act. Please submit a request through our records request portal. Please note that Public Records Requests made prior to May 23, 2022, will not show in this system.

Additional Information

Contact the Pinal County Communications and Marketing Department for additional information about Public Records.

Pinal County Sheriff's Office Public Records Request

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office Records Unit serves as the central repository for all police reports and related records. Requests for other public information within the Department are also processed through the Records Unit. 


(For records not related to a Superior Court case)

The Superior Court in Pinal County complies with the provisions of  Arizona Supreme Court Rule 123, Access to Judicial Records of the State of Arizona (PDF). Pursuant to Rule 123, public access to some court records may be redacted, restricted, or expanded in accordance with the provision of the rule or other provisions of law.

To request records specifically from a Superior Court case, including marriage and divorce records,  please submit a  Request for Court Records Form through the Clerk of Superior Court.