Poll Worker Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pinal County Poll Worker! As a poll worker, you are a critical part of the election process and help us ensure each election is accurate and fair.

Qualifications to be a Poll Worker

  • Be a Pinal County Registered Voter
  • Attend mandatory training sessions
  • Remain non-partisan while serving as a poll worker
  • Provide an active email account
  • Be able to work a 14+ hour day
  • Be customer service oriented
  • Serve all voters promptly, courteously, and with sensitivity

A poll worker is a volunteer citizen who works at the polling place on Election Day. Poll work is rewarding and engaging for those that want to participate in the democratic process, serve their community and meet new people. Pinal County has 97 polling places where poll workers are needed. Locations range from Maricopa to Apache Junction to Kearny to all locations and in between. 

Workers are encouraged to be on the Active Early Voter List (AEVL) to receive an early mail ballot. You may not always be assigned to your home precinct on Election Day.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Poll Worker

  • Polling place set up of all equipment
  • Welcome voters
  • Assist voters and answer questions about the voting process
  • Close the polls at the end of the day
  • Tear down polling place

Poll Worker Positions

An election board team comprised of 8 at least 6 poll workers at the polling site. Positions are:

  • Inspector - Team leader and manages all operations at the polling place.
  • Marshal - Keeps order for the precinct polling place, announces opening/closing of polls, ensures political activities outside the polling place meet legal requirements.
  • Judge - Issues correct ballot to voters and instructs voters on how to use voting equipment.
  • Provisional Clerk - Assists voters needing to vote provisionally.
  • Clerk - Greets and checks in voters at the precinct polling place using an electronic poll pad tablet.

Poll Worker Compensation

Workers are paid to attend training and work on Election Day.

Poll Worker Training

Poll worker training will be provided to all participating in an election as required by statute.  Poll workers are required to attend mandatory training working an election. 

Training topics will cover election information, ballot types, position duties, e-poll pad voter check-in, provisional voting, election laws and protocol, the sequence for voters, and opening and closing the polls.

Training session details and schedules will be posted here once finalized. Communications will be sent out to poll workers in advance. 

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