The goal of the Pinal County Purchasing Division is to acquire quality goods and services for county citizens and the departments that serve them. We procure everything from Ammunition to Zoning consultants. Our procurement professionals are creative, critical thinkers with outstanding customer service skills, who enjoy helping others achieve their goals within the confines of applicable laws, procurement codes, and best practices.

The principal objective of the Pinal County Purchasing Division is to acquire quality goods and services that meet the County's needs at a reasonable price while ensuring a fair and competitive process. This is accomplished through the use of sound, competitive procurement procedures. In order to provide the best value for taxpayers and county departments, Pinal County Purchasing is guided in its procurement procedures by several policy mandates, which include:

  • To conduct all procurement according to Arizona state law and the Pinal County Procurement Code
  • To obtain the quantity and quality of materials and services at the right price and when needed
  • To maximize competition and provide interested and qualified vendors with the opportunity to offer their products or services to the County

Pinal County recognizes that our local business community has a keen interest in doing business with the County and to that end, we advertise formal solicitations in the Casa Grande Valley Newspapers, Inc. Solicitations are also available for download here.

The following thresholds denote the procurement activity required based upon aggregate spend over the course of 12 months:

$0 to $4,999Buyer Discretion
$5,000 to $49,9993 Written Quotes Requested
$50,000 to $99,9995 Written Quotes Requested
$100,000-plusFormal Solicitation

At Pinal County, we take pride in our culture and core values. We find solutions through flexibility, integrity and innovation. We believe in accountability, commitment, and teamwork. We strive to enrich lives beyond expectation! We expect the same from our business partners.