Preserving Our Future

Preserving Our FutureWht

Pinal County’s half-cent road excise tax was originally passed in 1986 and renewed in 2005. Sometimes called the “pothole tax,” this local funding is used to preserve and build our roads throughout our region. This tax is the only funding for our Transportation Improvement and Maintenance Program (TIMP.) TIMP is where Pinal County residents can submit roadway improvement recommendations which go before the Transportation Advisory Committee, which develops five-year transportation plans. 

As it currently stands, this dedicated funding is set to expire at the end of 2026.  Pinal County’s Public Works Department and Transportation Planning Division have launched a public awareness effort called “Preserving Our Future” to highlight the history of transportation in Pinal County, the accomplishments of the current road tax, and a look at our future roadway maintenance, safety, and economic development needs as discussions begin surrounding the expiration of the current tax.  


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