Report a Disease

What to Know

What Diseases to Report

Find out what diseases should be reported. To identify reportable diseases, use the CDC Reportable Disease List (PDF).

What to Do

Report a Disease

Use the Reportable Disease List (PDF) to report diseases contained in the Reportable Disease List (PDF).

The Communicable Disease Control Program conducts surveillance for, responds to, and attempts to limit or control the spread of any cases or clusters of infectious diseases that represent a potential threat to the public's health.

Communicable Disease Reporting

Access the Communicable Disease Reporting (CDR) Form (PDF).

For more information about Reportable Disease requirements and timelines:

Communicable Disease Control can be reached during normal business hours at 520-866-7281 (main number) or 520-866-2929 (fax). After business hours, healthcare providers may call 520-866-6239 to reach the Public Health Duty Officer. The All Hazards Info Hotline can be reached at 520-626-4160.

Additional Reporting / Resources

To file a complaint regarding green pools, mosquitoes, restaurants, pests, or other Environmental Health issues, view the Health Nuisance Complaint Form.

View materials about Infectious Diseases.